flooded areas in Puerto Parada, Usulután, in El Salvador

By Yaneth Estrada

Salvadoran Red Cross volunteers, sectional Usulutan, carried out monitoring and evaluation of several flooded communities in Puerto Parada, Usulután.

The constant rains caused floods in different areas of the place; but nevertheless, people refused to leave their homes.

Lifeguards monitored communities that are prone to flooding from river overflows. The volunteers gave recommendations to the locals in the face of the constant rains.

Among the communities evaluated in Puerto Parada are: The Fox, The Botoncillo 1, 2, The tubes, El Limón and Colonia Narvaez.

Are some 2,300 volunteers who are in the 64 sectionals from all over the country, who carry out different actions in their localities due to the emergency due to rains.

Among the actions that the volunteers have carried out are the tasks of preventive evacuation in Jiquilisco, Usulután and in Cangrejera, Freedom.