“I have not done anything”

I have put a charge as he put the 'Chapo', for drug trafficking. You can visit my parents in San Miguel and can see how they live ".

“Regretful, the truth… I'm not sorry for anything in my life, because I have not done anything to get to this situation. I will not plead guilty to something I have not committed. Tomorrow you blame me (at trial) Of something, it will be because they want, not because I committed. There is no paper saying, there is no victim to say that I was or that I sent them to do something”, Miguel Angel Korea says emphatically Diaz as an officer of the prison interrupts.

El Salvador has allusive gang tattoos; for those tattoos was identified during the operation in which he was arrested. And although he knows that these tattoos are now a mark of gang life will, It is comfortable with them.

Do you regret having done some things that should not have tattoos and gang?

When you have tattoos… regretful, I'm not sorry I can not talk about those situations, because about the trial and can not speak more.

To you mark him as the leader of the MS, They have compared with “Chapo” Guzman. How he defends himself against these accusations?

I have put a charge such as that put him at “Chapo”, for drug trafficking. You can visit my parents in San Miguel and can see how they live and are far from what they are saying. surnames were covered when I arrived at the prison, because they said it would retaliate with them, that never.

Police said they had received threats when he was arrested.

Is a lie. It is not true that there is recruitment of gang, That they have invented. There are a lot of abnormalities. They're putting cases of Houston, in Maryland and I'm in New York, here have no jurisdiction to open cases of Maryland and are judging me by things beyond. I have not found money, or properties.

If they found nothing, Why he was arrested? Police said they were looking.

I walked in a place that had to walk, visiting someone, and they came and arrested me there. But they were not looking for me. I speak for myself, not for anyone else. What happened was that they had an operation, DEA and FBI and various police. He was walking in Maryland, because he had family, children, wife, there.

What happens is that in the place where it was, they found drugs.

Drugs valued at one million dollars.

But when they took the case to court, The judge said he was too weak to put me in prison, they found a lot of drugs, but not me they could put me, because the first was not the owner of where they found it and had no key or anything to enter that department. He did that happen and I threw out charges, because they found nothing that finds that.

Where did then you are the leader of the gang?

In New York I took in the news and said that I was the leader of the entire eastern United States. ¿One imagines? No one can be a leader of a gang across the East Coast.

So why tell the authorities that you are the leader and also maintained contact with gang leaders in El Salvador?

I would not want to talk much about those situations.

Do you know a gang leader in El Salvador?

No. And I've never been imprisoned in El Salvador. I have not had any problems, not even anything, no problem with justice there.

Police say they have recordings of phone calls between you and another person, incriminated him in the crimes they accuse him, What those calls are treated?

They are calls that are not complete and use the worst version of the call, but do not put the entire call.

For example, you can be talking to me about something, and halfway through the conversation, I tell him I went to buy a shirt and you tell me 'Miguel, you murdered that shirt ', but you mean you cheated me with the price of shirt. Mention a murder, but you're not referring to kill someone. All those things are getting as bad to say that I controlled and say many things.

I do not want to ruin the process and therefore I can not say more of those calls. They have been taken out of context.

Do you know the person or people who are in those calls?

They are just voices and calls… All I can say is that when they make a case, It must be well true and they put my name, but the other voice that appears in the call do not put name. That is, that even they know who I'm talking.

Did you make those calls and know who spoke those calls?

All I can say is that these people are not from New York and I'm being tried in New York.

In your case documents, There indictment for conspiracy in more than two murders and those calls are part of the evidence.

Conspiracy to have death, the position they're putting me there must be a call, there has to be a victim and in my case, there is no victim. In this situation there is nothing in what I have said to someone 'go over there and do this'. There may be 100 gang, but only because they have a tattoo, does not mean that one did everything the authorities say he did.

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