I stay at home. Everything will be fine

“There is no fear in difficult times, the best comes from there”, reads a message on a tree an Italian neighborhood. photo VD, Guadalupe Toloza.
Opinion column
Collaboration of Guadalupe Tolosa, from Italy to Voice of Diaspora

From the 9 of March, Italy is under siege by order of the authorities. Since then, There are some phrases that have become popular among residents, who have been forced to be quartered in their homes.

In each house, life has changed, it seems that the external and internal environments are reversed. But nevertheless, the fact of staying at home does not mean to be resting or doing nothing productive.

In each house, there is an army of primary school pupils, high school, high school, university, Public employees, private, teachers of all grade levels, family workers, not self-sufficient people attending, businessmen, elderly, They are dealing with school-age children.

We all have to collaborate in the management of teaching classes of students who now receive their classes from home electronically, WhatsApp groups organized by teachers, class representatives, Parents, which they are part of the machine that pushes the online meetings of students after one or two weeks in some cases, enthusiastically they greeted each other happy.

They are more than 600 schools that have joined online and platforms 170 thousand kinds. An unknown number expected, that because of this interference has connections, but which are now part of everyday language: Spaggiari, live classes, webex, office.com to name a few.

And while passes quarantine, at home, time to organize many initiatives serves as an instrument to sound out on the balcony, Light a candle, clap at a certain time, but always respecting the law.

Life with Covid 19 He has changed throughout Italy and is changing the world. But despite the adversities and difficulties faced, people accommodate the time, looking on the bright side. Now there is more time to spend with family, hoping that when this health crisis passes, spring comes.

Hoping that when all pass, we can see and embrace our neighbors, friends, close and distant relatives. The less polluted nature will give away the best scenery, They will be able to enjoy the colors and smells of the great outdoors in a more reflective world, more smiling, careful and respectful.

At the least it is a dream, It is hope. Now we imagine a better future, that some of the uncertainty of our present. Be positive and let's stay at home that everything will be fine!