“…I more than anyone want the vaccine to reach everyone. ”Milagro Orellana

Milagro Orellana when she receives the vaccine against Covid-19. Photo: Courtesy.

By Elida Moreno

The journalist and correspondent of the Voice of the Diaspora, Milagro Orellana received the COVID-19 vaccine together with a group of Salvadorans and Mexicans who work at the forefront of the first line of patient care in the State of California, U.S.

Orellana said it was a very positive experience since it reduced the stress generated by the fear of being infected, gives you more confidence and security to return to work and hit the streets, although he knows that he must maintain biosanitary measures and wear a mask.

Several hours after receiving the Moderna vaccine, Orellana said she felt in perfect health, only with a certain "tingling" in the arm, and that in February he will receive the second dose.

Photo: Courtesy.

The journalist made the decision to get vaccinated after hours of searching for information and asking expert doctors for guidance on the advantages of getting immunized, though her biggest incentive was staying healthy not just for her own safety, but out of love and respect for his family, and the determination to continue working with patients despite the risks.

"God loves me so much that today, He has allowed me to be among the first group to get vaccinated…I swear to you that I more than anyone want the vaccine to reach everyone ", said Orellana.

Orellana urged the population to get vaccinated to face the virus that spread until Tuesday to 90.9 millions of people around the world, and caused the death of 1.9 millions, according to health sources.

Photo: Courtesy.

I've seen people die like never before, people suffering, families crying and if getting vaccinated is the solution to defeat the virus and emerge from the pandemic, you have to do it for a health responsibility ", adds with tears the Salvadoran journalist living in Los Angeles California.

In recent weeks, Orellana underwent some seven swab tests to detect coronavirus due to constant contact with infected patients after an outbreak in the care center where he works that infected half of the staff, and several patients.

"Miraculously they all came out negative, God has kept me and I know that He has a purpose for my life ”he explained..

The journalist like her colleagues received authorization to be vaccinated from the authorities of the State of California among the first contingents to be immunized as part of the medical and support staff in the first line of patient care.

The United States began vaccination in late 2020 amid a growing increase in coronavirus infections across the country, that keeps hospitals saturated, and has killed thousands of patients in a single day.