30 November, 2022

"Enough of manipulating unions for other interests": Mayor of Santa Tecla to Minister of Labor

It is about the Minister of Labor Rolando Castro and the mayor of Santa Tecla Henry Flores who exchanged accusations on their Twitter accounts

By Luis Alberto López

The Savior – Today an unusual public controversy arose between an official from the government of President Nayib Bukele and a mayor from the New Ideas party, in which both make remarks related to the labor conflict in the municipality of Santa Tecla.

They are the Minister of Labor Rolando Castro and the mayor of Santa Tecla Henry Flores, who exchanged accusations on their Twitter accounts arising from a conflict between trade unionists and the municipal ruler.

Henry Flores wrote: “@RolandoCastroSv has just threatened us that if I don't meet with him he will send me to close the transfer plant and an inspection. Minister: I'm tired of your blackmail. I don't know if you are interested in garbage companies. Yesterday they told me that I was out of the country. I DEMAND RESPECT

For his part, Rolando Castro, answered: “The transfer plants are faculties of other institutions, NO from the Ministry of Labor (for your information) I don't understand where the mayor wants to go, Why don't you say it clearly??”

MITRAB facilities, failed meeting

But the controversy continued in relation to the absence of a meeting, in the account of the Ministry of Labor was published: “Since the 9:00 in the morning we are waiting for the Mayor of Santa Tecla, @HenryFloresST, before the conflict that is taking place with the workers, but still not present.

Flores responded to this: “What the Minister of Labor @RolandoCastroSv says is false. The meeting was yesterday and they told me that you were out of the country.  I just met with the union and they told me that you called them through an advisor to tell them not to lift the strike”.

The minister responds: “I urgently ask you, Mr. Mayor @HenryFloresST, to present the convincing evidence of what you affirm and I immediately dismiss the advisor, Conversely, here are the messages you sent”. And add message captures.

But nevertheless, Henry Flores, Mayor of Santa Tecla added more messages and remarks, even a video addressed to Minister Rolando Castro.

"In the mayor's office at this time there is no strike, there is 1300 employees, but some 30 trade unionists who always meet with the minister @RolandoCastroSv have threatened employees who must strike. Enough of manipulating unions for other interests @RolandoCastroSv”

flowers added : “@RolandoCastroSv Why defend acts of vandalism like these, What do the unions do?. In the end they affect the citizen. Why damage property and vehicles?.

“@RolandoCastroSv Stop playing the victim and using businessmen and unions to intercede with me and with you. I'm tired of being manipulated by some 30 bald men who come from ARENA and the FMLN and do not listen to those who really work but to those who are related to their interests”.

For his part, Labor Minister Rolando Castro, tried to close the controversy: “The Ministry of Labor is here to promote dialogue and negotiation between workers and employers, It will NOT lend itself to polemicize and raise the deteriorated image of any politician, we close the page and continue working for the salvadoran people”.

While Mayor Henry Flores, with other members of the Municipal Council published another message in a video.