Willis Johnson, anti-immigrant businessman who finances sending troops to the border

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Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

He sympathizes with former President Donald Trump and his donation has caused the rejection of many human rights groups.

Willis Johnson is a billionaire and decided to speak with the governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem, Republican Party, to offer you a million dollars to send military troops to the border with Mexico. The official accepted the help and sent the troops.

The businessman is from Tennessee and his contribution generated reactions for and against. The money now belongs to the state of South Dakota and although it comes from a private Johnson foundation and is legal, Some call the donation a dangerous precedent that shows that a wealthy person can use the military to advance his own cause..

Faced with the incessant inquiries about its history, the tycoon replied: "I did not know there would be such a stir. The news transcended much more than I expected ".

There are many doubts about the process and its feasibility, it was known that Willis Johnson wants to follow in the footsteps of Donald Trump and is thinking of running for president of the country in the 2024. His attitude shows the fragility of government entities when there is money involved and reveals how far some governors are willing to go.

Democratic state senator, Reynolds Nesiba, he said: “We don't need this donation and, whether legal or not, it's a terrible idea, because it creates the impression that members of the National Guard are used for political purposes ".

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At least 50 guards have already been sent to the border with Mexico and although the governor of South Dakota defended the donation because there is a long list of private donations, the money has never been used for safety-related projects before, but they were for infrastructure.

Other Republican governors like those of Florida, Arkansas, Iowa and Nebraska have pledged to send soldiers and national guards to the border, Following the example of Noem to support the intentions of former President Donald Trump.