5 October, 2022

Western Union integrates Mambu into its new digital banking platform

Photo: Courtesy.

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Central America – The cloud banking platform, Mambu and Western Union agreed to integrate their solutions in the latest generation of multi-currency digital wallet with real-time transactions, as well as in the company's digital banking platform.

Mambu, which has some 70 million daily users and serves 230 banks and financial institutions, has a cloud-native platform which will allow Western Union, world leader in cross-border cross-currency payments and transactions, create a new banking experience.

Powered by Mambu, Western Union's WU+ digital banking app will bring together a variety of features to facilitate capital movements, card management and transaction viewing, and you will be able to implement new banking products and services that are easy to configure and integrate with external applications.

“Having everything integrated into a native mobile application, customers will be able to create new accounts in minutes, selecting a subscription model to save and spend instantly”, the company explained.

The Director of Data and Innovation at Western Union, Thomas Mazzaferro said that through the agreement they will offer customers leading financial solutions in the market, In addition, together with Mambu, they have created new digital banking products and services that will start operations in Germany and Romania..

“…we have managed to accelerate our goals for financial services, while building a product that is upgradable and cloud-independent”, added Mazzaferro.

Western Union with a presence in more than 200 countries with 130 foreign exchange, operates under a diversified omnichannel strategy, that unites the best of the digital and face-to-face world.

Alexander Masseroni, Country Manager de Mambu, commented that the industry has reached a tipping point to adopt the cloud, so much so that large financial institutions have started a global trend by moving to a component structure, cloud-native that provides agility and fits into the ecosystem.