Washington National, World Series champions 2019 baseball

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The Washington National on Wednesday crowned as the best team in baseball World Series 2019, beating 6-2 Houston Astros.

The win means a lot to DC, because this is the first time, in 95 years the team champion one of the flagship US sports crown.

And this is the first time the franchise Nats win a world series, depues moving to the US capital 2005.

The win gives a celebration more Washington DC. The last hockey season, the Capitals won the, capital equipment. But also, the city celebrates another good notica that will bring development to the metropolitan DC area, Virginia y Maryland: opening Amazon, which will create around 50 thousand of jobs in the area.

Although the match was dominated by Astros, los Nats, as they tell their fans, They managed the six races with which they were crowned, in the last three innings of the game.