Washington DC asks Trump to withdraw military and security troops from other states

photo VD: Carmen Rodriguez.
By Carmen Rodriguez, Washington DC

The Mayor of Washington DC, Muriel Bowser, asked President Donald Trump to withdraw all military and security forces that were activated this week to disperse protests in the city.

“I have lifted the state of emergency in the District of Columbia, due to the protests. People have demonstrated peacefully and the Metropolitan Police have not made a single arrest. That is why I ask you to withdraw all federal and military forces and their presence from Washington DC”, Bowser said in a letter to the president.

Trump ordered the activation of the National Guard and other security forces, Monday when protesters took up positions in front of the White House. The move was criticized because local and federal police used force to disperse the protesters.

Shortly after beatings were reported against protesters, the president appeared with a bible in his hands, at Saint John's Church, in front of the residence, condemning the protests.

Bowser repeatedly told local media that he did not request support from the National Guard in the city and said that Trump's move interferes with the independence of his office's authority..

The official also pointed out that the local police have a plan to respond to the activities that have been unleashed after the death of African-American George Floyd, in a police procedure.

But nevertheless, also this week, criticism peppered the DC Police, after elements cornered a group of protesters on a residential street, when the curfew was lifted at 11 of the night.

According to some protesters, the police expected to arrest many people. A resident opened the doors of his house to give shelter to those who were trapped between the police who blocked the exits of the road, located a couple of kilometers from the White House.