16 August, 2022

Washington "under fire" after Capitol invasion

At dusk, city ​​and capitol police, as well as the national guard, forced the withdrawal of Trump supporters.

Photo: Courtesy.

By Maria T. Morales

Four dead people, several injured, dozens of detainees and material damage, is the balance of the taking of the Capitol in Washington, at the hands of supporters of President Donald Trump.

After the elections, Trump practically set fire to repeating ad nauseam, an alleged electoral fraud of which he never presented evidence.

Today, his followers pushed the nation's capital to the limit, and the building authorities had to decree a curfew to prevent the mobs from continuing with the protest and invasion of the congress building.

The Congress men, who were in session today to certify the votes that gave victory last November, Democrat Joe Biden, they are still inside the building.

It is still unknown when the officials will be evacuated, since they could be in danger.