Wanda Vazquez assumed as Governor of Puerto Rico

Photo: @wandavazquezg
For Recinos Kriscia

Wanda Vazquez, former Secretary of Justice, He became the third governor of Puerto Rico in less than a week, after the scandal that led to the resignation of Ricardo Rossello.

The official agreed after the inauguration of the lawyer Pedro Pierluisi was annulled, by the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico, Senate after a lawsuit was accepted unanimously by the nine judges who make up. And it is that several senators expressed their dissatisfaction that was Rosselló who nominated Pierluisi.

Vazquez will be the second woman governor in the island, Sila Calderon after 2001 and thirteenth person to assume the direction of the island in history.

The newly sworn, He said through a press release: "I arrive at this position by constitutional provision opinion and law. With great humility and commitment I take the position to direct the destiny of our country with responsibility and commitment ".

Local media and some analysts believe the island Vásquez resign the office of governor and already proposed as Secretary of State to the Representative of Puerto Rico to the United States House of Representatives, jennifer Gonzalez.