Voice of Diaspora and Noticiero Acts of El Salvador join efforts in covering the presidential elections this 3 February

The international news agency Voice of Diaspora and Channel News Facts 12 Television in El Salvador, will hold a joint coverage of presidential elections on Sunday 3 February.

With real-time coverage from most major US cities, Glen, Spain, Panama and El Salvador, correspondent of the Voice of Diaspora will account for every minute of this presidential election that some experts have listed as Historic arrival at the contest of a third political force that is at odds with the bipartisan trend of the past three decades.

With an eye to the communities of Salvadorans in these countries, the news team of this agency will aim to make a portrait of thinking and feeling of the Diaspora and their expectations before the arrival of a new Salvadoran President. Requirements to comply bring to the table old demands: effective combat against violence and corruption, labor and wage improvements, reform outdated health and education systems, among other issues.

The look of the exiles car is vital in this electoral process. These presidential elections have been aroused anxiety much of the more than 3,5 million Salvadorans living abroad to the urgency of social change.

We invite you to follow us during this joint coverage and witness a revolutionary phenomenon that has attracted the attention of young voters, that could become key agents of change for the future of the coming years in El Salvador.