Voice of Diaspora pays posthumous tribute to Maria Reneé Quesada

Maria Reneé Quesada, first Salvadoran journalist to win an Emmy.
By Maria Teresa Perez

The International Training Center CIC, Journalists Association of Salvadoran Diaspora, take from today, She remembered the name of the journalist Maria Reneé Quesada, posthumously for his unblemished career as a professional.

The Journalists Association of Salvadoran Diaspora and International News Agency, Voice of Diaspora, Salvadorans formed by journalists in different parts of the world, recognize the professionalism, passion, love and dedication of Maria Reneé as a journalist and producer.

She became a benchmark, not only for his generation, but for new journalists. His way of asking with security, Mary did Reneé, an example to follow.

As a correspondent for international agencies, Maria Reneé, always well documented, He knew the reality of the country and the world.

Therefore, Illustrative always questions, direct and profound responses obtained. He was respected and admired, even those who had questioned sources decidedly, especially, in the field of political power and economic.

His legacy as a professional in the field of journalism, It is immense. Not only politics but he covered the war in El Salvador and Nicaragua.

that coverage, In Nicaragua, She forced him to reside temporarily in that country, recalls institutional journalist, Violeta Polanco.

"I'm glad that the voice of the Diaspora render this tribute to Maria Reneé. It is the name of a person who worked hard and put up the country ", Polanco said.

Maria Reneé Quesada in the company of her husband and their children Oscar Wings, Sebastian, Paola, Marcelo, and her granddaughter Valeria.

In the years 80, Quesada served as a producer and correspondent for one of the largest chains of Mexico. Also during the civil war in El Salvador she was part, with a group of journalists and correspondents, a project of communicators, whose journalistic pieces were distributed and disseminated in international chains around the world.

The Asociation, through its International Training Center CIC, He recognizes the legacy of a great professional.

Both, reaffirms the commitment to exercise a human journalism, responsible and united, and inspire to follow examples like Maria Reneé.

Voice of Diaspora dedicates this 31 of July, Journalist Day in El Salvador, the first Salvadoran to win an Emmy Award in US, for his reporting on Hurricane Mitch. To a journalist sinigual, Mrs. journalism, Maria Reneé Quesada.