Voice of the Diaspora recognizes its journalists for their outstanding work

By José Eduardo Cubías Colorado

Thank you friends and friends of the “Voice of the Diaspora” for the recognition of my work in university teaching at the National University of El Salvador (UES), which becomes the culmination in the orthopraxis of Journalism.

A special thanks to the journalist Milagro Vallecillos, President of this International News Agency, first for inviting me to post in this space, and for valuing my contribution to this group of social communicators from the five continents.

More of 40 years training journalism professionals. Photo: Courtesy.

The truth is that this virtual gathering at the end of 2020, marks a historic milestone at the union level with Salvadoran journalists, scattered around the world.

I still can't get over the amazement of how the participation of colleagues was achieved, resident in the United States, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Spain, Corea On, Argentina, Australia, Mexico, Africa and many more who make up the great family of compatriots in the Diaspora, that today make themselves felt with Voice in Voice.