Voice of the Diaspora elected its new authorities this Sunday

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

With great satisfaction we make public knowledge, that this Sunday our General Assembly of Members, elected our new Board of Directors for the period 2020-2022.

Our members unanimously elected the journalist Milagro Vallecillos as President of Voice of the Diaspora, She is accompanied by Milagro Orellana as Vice President, Anayansi Rivas as Secretary, Rosy Figueroa as Treasurer, and the Directors: Gesell Tobias, Olimpia Álvarez and Héctor Murcia.

Also during the virtual assembly, colleagues Rocío Rivas were ratified as members of the Ethics Commission, José Luis Funes and Luis López.

Our Board of Directors will take our international news agency Voice of the Diaspora to a new level, in which we will integrate an Editorial Board that will be made up of honest journalists with faultless lives, in harmony with our highest principles.

We are an organization of Salvadoran journalists in the five continents, we represent the voice of our country abroad. In Voice of the Diaspora, we work under our internal regulations, in which ethics is a transversal requirement, permanent and universal. We are an INDEPENDENT medium, committed to generating truthful content through good practice in the journalistic profession.

Since 2018 our mission has been to create a professional bond and solidarity between Salvadoran journalists based outside the territory of the Republic of El Salvador, We will continue working to be a reference for the men and women of the press at an international level, being an organization with world prestige.

Milagro Vallecillos, President Voice of the Diaspora.