30 November, 2022

Voice of Diaspora continues to strengthen its alliances

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

After a successful coverage during the presidential elections in El Salvador, the 3 February, international agency Salvadoran journalists “Voice of Diaspora” Facts and News of El Salvador, strengthen their alliance of news coverage.

"This is an opportunity to continue the journalism school that developed during the years of civil war in El Salvador. The postwar period has given birth to a new generation of communicators who have seen the need to leave the country by the same conditions as previously provoked 12 years of civil conflict. But nevertheless, although they have reversed roles and the hedges of our correspondents now done from the outside to the world, Today we have a chance to be ourselves, Salvadorans, those who give to know the socio-political and cultural events of our country, with an international touch ", said Diego Murcia, director of the agency.

With the addition of a hundred journalists, cameramen, photographers and radio communicators, agglutinated in the Salvadoran Red Media, and about thirty active correspondents in the Voice of Diaspora, Noticiero Acts of El Salvador extend their coverage to five continents.

The main driver of this alliance between journalists abroad and the Salvadoran television, It is the emotional bond that unites all Salvadorans living around the world for various reasons. "The recent coverage of the presidential election, reassures us that although we are far, the decisions made in our homeland, continue to affect our future. We also want to have a word in this discussion, and that it is taken into account ", He emphasized Murcia, on the importance of the diaspora have a voice in the Salvadoran national events.