Caravan of Mexican Catholics for the United States to honor migrants

Photo Foundation Tepeyac of New York.
It is expected that the Virgin reaches the Big Apple 12 from December.

By Deysi Domíguez

Mexico. Mexican Catholic pilgrims departed from the Basilica of Guadalupe in Mexico City, in a caravan that will reach the City of New York, in United States, to pay tribute to the hundreds of migrants crossing borders in search of a better life.

Los perigrinos, They arrived this week to Houston and did not arrive alone. They arrived in the city with the image of the “Virgen Morena”, patron saint of Catholics in Mexico and icon for all Catholics in Latin America.

The cross is called “Carrera Antorcha Guadalupana Mexico-New York” and also pilgrims carry with them, a flaming torch symbolizing “Light and Cross”, as he explained by Pedro Martínez , one of the organizers of the event.

The banner of “Virgen Morena” carrying pilgrims came to visit the Holy Spirit Church of Houston, en Texas, where many Latino Catholics who live in the area congregate.

Then, make the pilgrimage stations in other parishes in the city and then continue their way to the northern United States.

It is expected that the caravan arrives at New York 12 from December, key date for Catholics, it is the day of the Virgin of Guadalupe is celebrated in Mexico and around the world.

Photo VD Deysi Dominguez.
The Tepeyac Association of New York has 22 years of performing the pilgrimage.

The tour is organized by the Tepeyac Association of New York that was founded in 1997 and since then he has not stopped the procession carried out, every year becomes stronger and more participation of Catholics.

For devotees of “Virgen Morena” This is a great opportunity to visit the church, do vigils, pay tribute to their patron and remember the cultural traditions.

Photo VD / Deysi Dominguez.
Faithful Catholics in Houston and participating in vigils in honor of the Virgen Morena.