Violence continues in Chile and kills three

Chilean Army photo

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Violence in Chile, which began earlier this week, after the government increase the underground passage, keep going. The authorities confirmed the death of three people and more than a thousand arrests.

Violence reigned in the streets of Santiago on Sunday, although the government canceled the increase to the passage of the subway, reason that triggered the violent day, which takes nearly a week of protests.

local media and residents of the Chilean capital reported clashes between police and protesters Carabineros, and destruction subway stations and buses. further, many city businesses were looted by groups of protesters.

On Friday, after violent day of protests, which left hundreds of people injured, President Sebastian Pinera, I decreed a state of emergency and sent the military to patrol the streets.

Saturday, the Chilean army decreed a state of siege and restricted the movement of people and meetings.

This prohibition caused discontent, causing a further escalation of violence. The reaction was greater, because since Pinochet was in power such actions are not executed.