17 August, 2022

Spanish priests remind Jesuits murdered in El Salvador

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Hundreds of Salvadorans weekend gathered to commemorate the martyrdom of six Jesuit sarcedores, of Spanish origin, killed during the civil war in El Salvador.

He condemned the crime and qualified as crimes against humanity by the International Community, still does not receive justice. The report of the Truth that was issued after the civil war of finilizar, points to senior members of the Salvadoran Army as responsible.

For now, Only one of the soldiers who participated in the operation mounted by the Salvadoran Armed Forces, to assassinate the Jesuits, facing the Spanish justice, after being extradited by the United States, to answer for this crime.

Universidad Centroamericana “Jose Simeon Canas”, known as the UCA, where they were brutally asisenados Salvadoran Jesuits and two collaborators was the meeting point.

The juesuitas were killed 16 November 1989, in the middle of the “Offensive to the top” operation that led to the Salvadoran guerrillas to take important neighborhoods of San Salvador.

The slaughter of Ignacio Ellacuría, According Montés, Ignacio Martin-Baro, Amando Lopez, Joaquin Lopez y Lopez, Juan Ramon Moreno, and Elba Ramos and Celina Ramos, Salvadoran, also caused outrage in El Salvador.

Photo Voice of Diaspora
They commemorated this year 30 years after the death of six Jesuit priests.
Photo Voice of Diaspora.
With a vigil and a Mass they were remembered the martyrs of the UCA.
Photo Voice of Diaspora.
The new generations, driven by their parents, also they joined the event.