17 August, 2022

Summer in sight… and free entertainment options

This park with free admission, located in the city of Humble, Texas, it is an option for nature lovers. photo VD: Maria T. Morales.

Maria T. Morales

Houston – Parks and other family recreation sites have begun to show their best colors, people little by little lose their fear of being infected by COVID-19, to live without a mask and social distancing, as is the case in Texas, where nothing is restricted in terms of the pandemic.

The burning sun of early summer and the humidity that hits at any time, are not excuses for depriving yourself of fresh air or simply, walk and relax amidst the green of the trees and the multicolored flowers.

In Jesse H Park and Nature Center. Jones, can find many trails. One of these will surprise you by taking you to a “playita”. photo VD: Maria T. Morales.

You can see more people going to the park or fishing, the children returned to their “playgrounds” and soon there will be community pools open in the neighborhoods.

There is no place without color, there is no place without songs and melodies of birds. Parks, rivers, camping sites and other attractions can be enjoyed, and the best, many of these places are completely free.

photo VD: Maria T. Morales.

Here are some options you can enjoy, if your thing is to do rafting, kayak, or just walk, ride a bike or horse.

Jesse H Park and Nature Center. Jones located in the 20634 Kenswick Drive in the town of Humble, Texas 77338. Public service hours are 08: 00 A.M. a 8:00 P.M and free admission.

This park of 312 acres is completely free and offers various fun and leisure activities.

The Mercer Arboretum Park and Botanical Garden, it's music of colors. There you can also buy flowers to plant in your home garden. video CEO: Maria T. Morales.

Another completely free site is the Mercer Arboretum Park and Botanical Garden, located in the 22306 Aldine Westfield Road, also in the city of Humble TX. 77338.

It is a place full of flowers, trees, has various summer programs for children and adults.

Likewise, promote horticultural topics and offer guided bird watching tours.

The Mercer Arboretum Park is a favorite for professional photographers. Girlfriends meet there, quinceañeras, future moms, graduating, modeling students and engaged in marriage, for your photo shoots. video CEO: Maria T. Morales.

further, promote reading in the middle of nature as well as "music in the Garden", a program that allows you to enjoy live music amidst the plants and flowers of the garden.

To enjoy to the fullest, do not forget to wear comfortable shoes, Water, hat and above all, mosquito repellent.

For more information on both parks visit the website www.hcp4.net

Parque Mercer Arboretum. A free option. video CEO: Maria T. Morales.