23 September, 2022

Single Citizen Window to quickly carry out procedures in government offices

On this platform, salvadorans in El Salvador and abroad will be able to carry out various procedures online

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The Savior – The Secretariat of Innovation, officially launched the simple.sv digital platform with which it facilitates the execution of government, citizen and business procedures quickly through the internet.

With this new platform, the duplication of data will be avoided and the coordination of public services will be improved without the need to create a user to access government procedures. This time, only a Unique Digital Identity will be used.

 The Single Citizen Window promotes optimizing the use of information technologies, 100% online, safe, fast, simple and in one place.

On this platform, Salvadorans in El Salvador and abroad will be able to carry out various online procedures such as: solvency of police records, solvency of criminal records, Immigration passport appointment, passport COVID-19, electronic apostille, DUI certification, certificate of secondary education, shipping agent authorization, curves handle (topographic data) for academic purposes with the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources.

Likewise, various procedures with the National Administration of Aqueducts and Sewers (YOU), such as: name change on receipt, feasibility for a home, proof of non-service and account solvency.

The documents that applicants will receive are digital, They have digital certificates and electronic signature, Therefore, they have all the legal validity. These are sent to the email address with which the applicant registered and are stored in their citizen profile..

“We already have the first citizens registered with Digital Identity. And a citizen already requested, paid and they were issued their: solvency of the PNC and solvency of criminal records. 100 % online, easy, safe and fast inhttps://simple.sv”, highlighted the Undersecretary of Innovation, Fabrizio Mena.