Valencia bids farewell to the Fallas del 2022 Valencia bids farewell to the Fallas del

Photo: by Salvadoran photographer David...
By David Alfaro

Spain - Last Saturday 19 of March, the “Fallas de Valencia” came to an end, celebration par excellence in the Spanish community, which takes place every year, with its traditional "Mascletà" closing in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Valencia and at night the "Cremà de los Ninots", artistic works that are burned at the end of the big week of Las Fallas.

The Fallas usually maintain a satirical and critical character with current issues and each falla consists of a central figure several meters high, surrounded by other figures, all supported by a wooden frame, carrying signs that explain the meaning of each scenery.

Photo: by Salvadoran photographer David...

The Fallas are a fire ritual, the reflection of ancient ceremonies where the flames symbolize renewal, old things are burned to make way for new, when reborn.

It is like this, that this year the Fallas festivities were recovered, after three years of exceptions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, filling Valencians with joy again.

This year they burned 764 works throughout Valencia, between large structures and children.

Is awesome, they spend a year designing and building those giant works, to burn them on the last day of the festivities, one of the works photographed did not last 15 minutes to burn and thus the 764 works of art burn in one night.

Photo: by Salvadoran photographer David...

Photo report of the burning of the falla winner of the first prize of the Falla de Valencia 2022, with its theme “2030”. This particular flaw reflects the Sustainable Development Goals (ODS) through its natural scenes. fairies, animals and mythological creatures are represented in the fallera scene of this monument that speaks of action for the climate, the fight against inequality, of access to water, health and education.