A voice for the deceived : A voice for the deceived

Ya está a la venta en Mondadori, Feltrinelli and other bookstores.

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Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Italy – A voice for the deceived: A voice for the deceived, It is already on sale in Mondadori, Feltrinelli and other bookstores.

The history of the Hernandez family, spanning more than half a century, is emblematic to narrate the vicissitudes of El Salvador.

Alejandro López Valdor, recounts what happened in his country during the civil war, trying to be objective and acknowledging the mistakes of all parties involved.

But this book also talks about all of us, because their characters embody the vices and virtues well, the strengths and weaknesses, the simplicity and complexity of mankind.

The facts of the Hernández family highlight all the distortions of this world, where the richest countries in raw materials are also the poorest, and give voice to the deluded and to all the weak in the world.