One person made 929 orders to different restaurants in El Salvador in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic year

The Uber Eats app celebrates its third anniversary in El Salvador (Photo : Uber Eats)
By Luis Alberto López

The Savior – During the year 2020, months of increased confinement and mobility restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, in El Salvador a woman made 929 orders to different restaurants; accumulating a consumption of more than $15 one thousand being the user of the Uber Eats application with the most orders placed during this period of the pandemic.

But that is not all, according to a study carried out this year, but with data from 2020, the company that facilitates the delivery of food orders at home, discovered that the most requested foods were pupusas, Mexican food, pizza and burgers. The most expensive order was $256 which included orders from Rib St Louis, Brisket, Pan, Potato chips, and Coleslaw.

The Uber Eats app, reaching its third anniversary of serving Salvadorans, features 570 active restaurants on the platform and 41 diversified businesses, the 41% of the businesses available in the app are small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.

“We are very pleased to see how during these three years the preference of Salvadorans for the Uber Eats app has grown. Reason why, we bet on growth in the country. We support the entire ecosystem, from users, delivery partners and small, medium and large businesses that are part of the app. We believe that together we can support the economic growth of El Salvador ", commented Daniel Monge, Uber Eats General Manager for Central America.

The company has grown since 23 November 2018 when he settled in El Salvador, not only in a 170% in delivering orders to your customers; but also in the movement of its delivery partners.

At 2020, the delivery partner with the most orders was a man with more than 7,711 trips made, the busiest days were Saturdays and Sundays at dinner time, usually.

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