Image illustrating the indigenous struggle in the most chaotic days in Ecuador

Photography: David Diaz Arcos
For Recinos Kriscia

Bloomberg photojournalist, David Diaz Arcos, It captured perfectly, the image that represents the indigenous struggle amid the chaos in Ecuador.

In the photo, Díaz captured an indigenous woman, amid the protests and told the BBC, de Lóndres its history.

According to the photojournalist, the image was captured in the Historic Center of Quito, near the barricades formed by the police, the 9 October, during the national strike against the austerity measures of President Lenín Moreno.

"They had given me a shot in the leg and that's why I retired and started to walk up a street, a little limping; When I was half a block away I saw her standing, as is in the photo ", explained the photojournalist.

The woman, an indigenous woman from the province of Cotopaxi, appears in the snapshot amid a cloud of tear gas, with a mask covering his face.

David, who has been in the profession for eight years, he shot three times with his camera and then approached to talk to the woman.

The picture he took was sent to the Bloomberg news agency and reached the Washington Post. It immediately became one of the most emblematic portraits of the protests in Ecuador.

Source: BBC Mundo