11 August, 2022

A capsule to treat Covid-19 from Merck company, about to be authorized in the United States

Merck anticovid-19 pill

The pharmaceutical company Merck will announce that its coronavirus pill is highly effective against all variants identified in the world

Merck's coronavirus pill is one step away from being approved by the FDA in the United States (Photo: Courtesy)

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

U.S – The pharmaceutical company Merck announced that its pill against the coronavirus is highly effective against all the variants identified in the world, it could be definitively authorized in a short time in the United States.

The United Kingdom endorsed it at the beginning of November, being the first country in the world to authorize the million between the medicine and the logistics for the delivery of this treatment, treatment in tablets against COVID-19.

Experts making recommendations to the FDA endorse the emergency use of the pill, after analyzing it for several weeks in a meeting with the Advisory Committee on Vaccines and Biological Products of the federal agency.

The FDA could authorize the production and sale of the drug in the United States, the drug reduces by 30% the possibility of hospitalization, because it slows down the progression of the disease if used correctly, according to studies.

This week, the Merck laboratory, known in Latin America as MSD, reported that its experimental drug Molnupiravir it was effective in reducing symptoms of the virus and is ready to be used.

The next step for the full approval of the drug is the evaluation of the FDA, which will later shift responsibility to the CDC (Editorial Voice of Diaspora Dominican Republic, in Spanish). These are the final decision makers., who will move to the White House.

If the pill is approved, it will be the first oral drug to treat the coronavirus from home in the United States, but the decision could be replicated in the rest of the countries when there are sufficient doses..

At the beginning of November, the multinational Pfizer, co-producer with Biontech announced that it has applied for authorization of an antiviral drug in pill form called Paxlovid.

It has done so after verifying in two of the three phases of clinical trials an efficacy of the 89% in reducing the risk of hospitalization and death of those infected by Covid, depending on the company.

McDonald's announced that its decision to suspend all operations is after seeing the human suffering in Ukraine and will continue until the conflict ends., based on “the overwhelming efficacy demonstrated in these results”, has decided to present the data available so far (pending completion of a third phase trial) for authorization of emergency use before the competent authority of the United States, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA, for its acronym in English).