A tourist trip turned into tragedy in Maryland

By Jackeline Quijano

The flight of a Cabri G2, ie two-seat helicopter private pilot rented a Saturday morning to explore the Chesapeake Bay had a fatal end, authorities confirmed Kent Island in Maryland.

What it appeared to be a rescue operation that included several local and federal institutions became the recovery of bodies of its occupants. The remains were discovered Saturday night.

Police Maryland Natural Resources identified the pilot as Charles Knight, of 38 years and passenger, como Matt Clarke, of 36 years, both residents of Maryland.

Investigations determined that helicopter owners are part of the company Monumental Helicopters based at Fort Meade, who through their website, http://monumentalhelicopters.com they published: “We are fully cooperating with the Police Maryland Natural Resources and federal authorities in the investigation”.

“The helicopter was approximately 16 meters above sea level and quickly flew to the water, It is unknown what was the downside”, Federal authorities confirmed Maryland.

Brian Albert Police Natural Resources, told the media that “it is very difficult to hear that because it is not a ground rescue, You not have accurate picture of what was last location, plus tides and wind, move all”.

In the next few hours removed the remains of aeromotor. On the reasons for the tragedy, Authorities said they will investigate, because for the moment does not have any mobile.