17 August, 2022

A tornado in Kentucky leaves at least 70 dead people and destruction of infrastructure in their wake

A tornado in Kentucky leaves at least 70 Dead people

A devastating tornado left at least 70 personas fallecidas y decenas de viviendas y comercios destruidos la noche del viernes en Kentucky, southwest of the state, in the town of Mayfield, U.S.

Disastrous tornado in Kentucky: at least 70 people lost their lives in a tornado on Friday night, a state of emergency was declared

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Kentucky, USA – A devastating tornado left at least 70 Dead people, Dozens of homes and businesses destroyed Friday night in Kentucky, southwest of the state, in the town of Mayfield, U.S. The numbers of those affected could increase, the damages are considerable and a state of emergency was declared.

This occurs at times when various regions are affected by storms.. The Governor of Kentucky, Andy Beshear, assured that several localities were totally devastated, communicated that between 70 Y 100 people have died from the devastating passage of a wave of tornadoes.

In the state of Illinois, some 100 Amazon workers were trapped, during the tornado, at a distribution post that was operating extended hours due to the Christmas season. In Arkansas one person died and in Tennessee it was two people.

According to NOAA (National Office for Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, in Spanish), nighttime tornadoes are twice as likely to kill people. They are difficult phenomena to forecast, they are not seen in the dark and this causes a greater response difficulty.

"It has been one of the most difficult nights in Kentucky history".

Kentucky Governor said the tragedy is one of the gravest in history, several buildings collapsed and the Kentucky Division of Emergency Management estimates that the tornado made landfall during 250 miles across four states.

A week affected by storms

Forecasters warned that the largest tornado wave in recent years could be recorded this weekend 45 years in the United States and several businesses confirmed that they will remain closed.

Arkansas authorities say it is the worst cyclone seen in seven years and it is rare for something like this to occur during the month of December., when warm, unstable air is limited during storms.

Record heat spans the eastern part of the country creating a more characteristic storm environment in March and April.

Affectations : aerial view of damage from night storms in Mayfield, Kentucky.