11 August, 2022
Photo: Courtesy.
By Deysi Dominguez

The Savior – On a flight from 8:30 At night the plane carrying the coffin of Lorena Elizabeth Delgado Guillen is expected to land, a young woman from 23 years, originally from Ilobasco, Cabins, The Savior, who died frozen in Carrizo, Texas, U.S, last 14 February, on an illegal trip in search of the American dream.

Lorraine elizabeth, took the risky journey the past 10 from January, where he never imagined that on that journey he would find his death.

Agree, to the chronology that their relatives manage, the young salvadoran, managed to communicate with them, two days before his death, in which he informed that he was about to cross the border, with the illusion of reuniting with his brothers.

But nevertheless, the low temperatures that occurred in those days, it came to complicate the young woman's health, who was abandoned by the coyote, and the group he was traveling with, leaving her in a desolate place that failed to reach her destination.