2 February, 2023

A dog attacked and killed two newborn twins

The woman with the newborn twins. Source: (Twitter)

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Brazil - After nine long years trying to have children, Elaine Novais and her husband Regis, they eventually became parents to two girls, the twins Anne and Analú. During 26 days they lived together as a family until a tragedy occurred: the newborns were attacked by the family dog ​​and died from their wounds.

The incident occurred in mid 2020, after the mother left her babies less than a month old for a few moments, while talking with a neighbor in the town of Piripa, in Brazil.

The woman never suspected that one of the dogs could attack her babies. Source: (Twitter)

According to police reports, in moments the dog, mixed breed labrador and american fox, assaulted girls.

Although the woman of 29 years, he ran to the room after hearing the screams of his daughters and dragged the dog when he detected the situation, the animal had already injured the abdomen of the small, as reported by the British media The Sun.

The family has two dogs, but it is believed that the second was not involved in the assault.