17 August, 2022

A fire burned more than 90 houses on an island in Honduras

More of 100 houses show partial damage. Source: (Twitter)

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Honduras – A fire wiped out more than 90 houses and affected others 120 on the tourist island Guanaja, in the Honduran Caribbean, as they reported by the authorities. "We have controlled a 100% of the fire ", assured in a press conference the head of the Permanent Commission of Contingencies (Copeco), Max González.

In several images revealed by the local media you can see the devastated area.

The authorities detailed that three people were injured and at least 2.500 inhabitants were directly affected by damage to buildings. Two shelters were enabled, in a school and a church and work to raise humanitarian aid for the island.

"My solidarity with you, Guanaja brothers. We will not leave you alone ", President Juan Orlando Hernández expressed on his Twitter account.

The fire started in the early hours of Sunday and the causes are being investigated, although it is known that it was the houses located on the seashore that caught fire first and the fire quickly spread to houses and businesses.

The flames quickly swept through dozens of properties, while the police and relief forces took out beds, furniture and some belongings to reduce losses.

The Armed Forces indicated that five aircraft and six vessels were arranged for evacuation and support work. While, the presidency reported that they were evacuated 400 people.

The island of Guanaja is very small, measures only 19 kilometers and reside 6.00 inhabitants who survive on tourism. It is one of the three most important territories on the tourist route, follows Roatán and Útila.