A study ensures that the Janssen vaccine is less effective against new variants of coronavirus

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Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The Janssen Coronavirus Vaccine, de Johnson & Johnson, it is much less effective against the Delta variant and others that emerged in recent months according to an analysis published in the United States. It was presented by the University of New York and was taken up by various local media and is based on laboratory experiments with blood samples.

The efficacy of the vaccine could be different in real conditions depending on the study's conclusions, which reinforce the idea that those vaccinated with this single-dose drug will require a booster with messenger RNA vaccines such as Moderna and Pfizer..

Data underscore the importance of monitoring infections among those vaccinated, that result in severe cases of coronavirus and suggest the benefit of a second application to increase protection against new variants.

Study contradicts reports published by Johnson & Johnson a few weeks ago, who claimed that the vaccine was so effective against the Delta variant even months after it was administered.

Recent studies argue that there is very limited effectiveness of the AstraZeneca vaccine, military type to that of Janssen, when a dose is administered.