Final preparations for the ceremony of four new Salvadoran Blesseds

Preparations for beatification ceremony

A pocas horas para que se realice la ceremonia oficial de beatificación de los cuatro mártires de la iglesia católica en El Salvador programada para este sábado, 22 from January.

The official ceremony will be this Saturday, 22 January at 5:00 p.m. in the Plaza al Divino Salvador del Mundo in San Salvador

Voice of Diaspora

There are few hours left for the official beatification ceremony of the four martyrs of the Catholic Church in El Salvador scheduled for this Saturday, 22 January at 5:00 p.m. local time.

Father Rutilio Grande and two peasants Manuel Solorzano (72 year old) and Nelson Rutilio Lemus (16 year old) were killed on 12 March 1977, when they were driving from the municipality of Aguilares to the municipality of El Paisnal. The father Cosme Spessotto, was killed in 1980 in the municipality of San Juan Nonualco, department of peace.

Starting this Friday night, several streets around the Plaza del Divino Salvador del Mundo will be closed., place where the ceremony will take place. Here since the beginning of the week the assembly work of the pavilion began, stereo, transmission, furniture and essays, among other preparatory activities.

The organizers of the event are about to conclude the delivery of credentials or passes for those who will participate in person, an estimated six thousand people., between church authorities, state officials, guests, journalists and parishioners, among others.

International guests have also begun to arrive from various countries and from the Vatican headquarters, also relatives of father Cosme Spessotto, one of those who will be beatified this Saturday.

at the event venue, compliance with all biosecurity measures will be required to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, times when levels have increased in recent weeks due to the omicron variant.

Church authorities who are in charge of organizing the ceremony, among them, Cardinal Gregorio Rosa Chávez, who has been delegated by Pope Francis to preside over the act of beatification have supervised the work in the plaza to the Divine Savior of the World, in which they hope to go out as scheduled.