30 November, 2022

Ukraine applied chemical castration for pedophiles

For Recinos Kriscia

Ukraine's parliament approved changes to some laws to increase penalties for sexual offenses against minors. This includes longer sentences and chemical castration.

The information was officially published on the website of the Ukrainian parliament.

Chemical castration is an injection of anti-androgen drugs that consist of chemicals that reduce libido and sexual activity, according to the Ukrainian national news agency.

The legislation applies to men between 18 Y 65 year old, they were convicted of rape or sexual abuse of minors.

They could be hundreds castrated Year, as they reported by the authorities.

For example in 2017, according to official figures, there was 320 Children violations in that country, however it is estimated that the number of cases of pedophile sexual abuse amounts to thousands.

Law amendments were approved at a special session parliamentary.

The ruling also includes the creation of a public register of pedophiles jailed for statutory rape and sexual abuse.

These will be continuously monitored by police after leaving prison.

The prison term for child rapist increased from 12 a 15 years.