11 August, 2022

Tourism and trade affected by coronavirus in Italy

Photo gallery Engelbert Maldonado, Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Italy, one of the favorite destinations of tourists, It is one of the countries most affected by the expansion of the coronavirus.

Engelbert Maldonado, one of the correspondents of the international news agency, reports that historical sites are busiest desolated.

El Corso Venice, one of the main entrances to the Historic Center of Milan, main city of Italy and the Lombardy region; also one of the ten tourist destinations in Europe, looks desolate.
Plaza Duomo, Milan Cathedral, on a normal day, hundreds of tourists feed the pigeons and are photographed in front of the historic Catholic building.
Corso de Vittorio Emanuel, a lot of commerce and restaurants, with little influx of tourism and visitors.
Chinatown, looking for the Simplon park. It is one of the busiest and busiest places, which is open day and night. But nevertheless, shops are closed and there are no tourists around.
Some businesses decided to temporarily close their doors to customers, due to the crisis and to guarantee the measures ordered by the authorities.