Tucson City rejects become sanctuary for immigrants

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Tucson, the largest city in the state of Arizona, Tuesday refused to become a sanctuary city for immigrants. Residents voted against the motion, driven by Democrats.

The proposal, were hard hit anti-immigrant policies Administration Donald Trump and also, it would have changed the way the police dealt with some common problems.

The city is considered the cradle of the defense movements of immigrants. Some also consider, That was where the sanctuary city initiatives began.

Since the 80s the catholic churches of the city, together with non-profit organizations, are dedicated to supporting and assisting thousands of Central American migrants who are in danger of being deported.

In 2012, the Democrats got the city considered as “city ​​receiving immigrants” and the police had to change certain procedures to limit themselves to asking about people's immigration status.

While the citizens refuse to become a sanctuary city, the state senator and some businessmen, they visited El Salvador, one of the Central American countries with high migration rates, to look for Salvadoran labor and investment.

But nevertheless, not everything is bad news for the immigrant community. Voters also made history by electing the first Latina woman to be mayor of the city..

Regina Romero, of Mexican descent, won the elections with 56% of votes. The new official said in an interview, shortly after knowing the election results, that will focus on programs to protect the most vulnerable communities.