30 November, 2022

Trump declares emergency in the United States to build border fence

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

President, Donald Trump, He invoked his presidential power today and declared a national emergency in order to obtain funds for the construction of his famous and controversial fence along the southern border, after negotiations did not surrender the fruits expected.

After the failure of the project he presented to the US Congress for the construction of the wall, Trump considered it necessary to declare emergency, arguing a crisis of drug trafficking and illegal immigration to the country.

“We are talking about an investment in the country's drug, crime, of trafficking. I will sign a declaration of emergency as have other presidents for less important things. this is something very important”, US President said.

To justify its action, Trump again used the anti-immigrant discourse. The president was presented to the local media, in the garden of the White House, with the family of a man who was killed by an undocumented person.

The reactions were swift. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, He said at a press conference, after the announcement of President, the emergence of speaking Trump, is something “created by him”.

Disbursement of emergency funds, I will not be effective immediately. Democrats in Congress may block it. But also, any civil organization can lock before any court, as it has happened with the immigration veto, or cancellation of DACA and TPS.