Trump announced economic relief in the country. foreclosures and evictions are suspended in the country

Photo courtesy of The White House

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The president of the United Kingdom, Donald Trump, on Wednesday he announced a series of new measures that will take your Administration to address the health crisis and the economic impact that the coronavirus is causing in the country.

Trump invoked the Law “Protection Act”, known as Protection Act of War, providing that unemployment will reach record figures in the history of the country and come to the 20 %.

The new provisions also include the suspension of foreclosures and evictions. further, the suspension of interruption of basic services, such as electricity and water supply, at least until the 1 of April.

“We will defeat this invisible enemy. This afternoon, we will sign some decrees necessary”, Trump said in a press conference from the White House.

further, Among the new measures, also it considered the possibility of approving a law that allows reject all immigrants seeking to enter the country illegally.

In fact, in some close points to the southern border of the country, It is reported that since this week, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, known as ICE is deporting express way to people who are detained at the border.