11 August, 2022

Sad debut of the new commissioner of Access to Public Information, rejected by journalists

By Dennis Aguillón

Juan Carlos Turcios, expresentador of the youth program in El Salvador, Cool, former head of communications the Ministry of Government and new commissioner for the Institute of Access to Public Information (Iaif), He had a sad appearance in his first work assignment.

Turcios was separated from three cases, that would be their debut, because the rest of the judges of the IAIP considered that the new commissioner, by being trusted former employee of the Government, It lacks impartiality in the processes that would be known on Tuesday against President Najib Bukele and director of Penal Centers, Osiris Moon.

This is a setback to the allies of Bukele, after domestic and international criticism will lloviaran to the government for action to use the Armed Forces to put pressure on MPs to approve a loan to invest in your security plan.

Turcios also, He declined to speak with local media trying to have a reaction to his respect of the three objections made by the Council of the IAIP, prior to hear cases against the president and the director of Prisons.

One of the cases that came before commissioners, It was the request for information to travel from the director of Prisons, Osiris Moon, that caused controversy in the country, because the official lied to respect people who paid for flights on private jets and stay for moon and a companion in Mexico.

Moon said the trip and everything related to this, was paid by a Mexican NGO had organized a security congress. But nevertheless, a journalistic investigation of the digital newspaper El Faro, He revealed that the trip was paid for by a security company that has legal proceedings against corruption.

Turcios, the newly elected commissioner as representative of journalists, He was sworn in along with his deputy Mauricio Fuentes, amid controversy and criticism of the militarization of the Legislature.

However the Association of Journalists of El Salvador (APES) and other organizations representing journalists in the country, expressed dissatisfaction because the election was handled secretly and say Turcios does not represent the sector.

further, of expresentador of the youth program, JK as it is known in the world of the show, It was commentator showbiz, music and fashion, and broadcaster Vox FM.

The Institute of Access to Public Information is the guarantor instance of providing citizens with transparent access to public information, related officials and government institutions to enforce their right to access public information.

Silvia Pérez, president of the IAIP, He said that the institution did not know about the appointment of Turcios as Commissioner and noted that the lack of information of this kind generates uncertainty in the institution because it was no secret that the former employee of the Government was not accepted by some sectors.