Trump Court questions as to send immigrants to Mexico while solving their asylum cases

Photo: Human Rights Watch

Kriss Recinos

U.S. An appeals court questioned the legality of the practice of the government of Donald Trump Mexico sending migrants seeking asylum, while their cases are resolved.

The judicial body left the door open to end this measure.

Judges Ninth Circuit Appeals, based in San Francisco, California, expressed concern that the government does not ask immigrants if they feel threatened before sending them to the neighboring country.

"They don't even ask them if they have any kind of fear", Judge William Fletcher said, who has been critical of the measure.

The two remaining magistrates that make up the panel have said that the measure can be blocked at the national level..

Given this, the Justice Department attorney, Scott Stewart defended the application ensuring that immigrants can "voluntarily" communicate to those responsible for immigration if they are afraid of being persecuted in Mexico.

The policy of sending asylum seekers to Mexico (regardless of where they come from), pending the resolution of their cases began in January this year since then some 40 a thousand people.

The 8 of April, San Francisco federal judge, Richard Seeborg ordered the Government to block this immigration policy, but this one did not comply and the Ninth Circuit of Appeals temporarily annulled the suspension, so that the migration authorities can continue to send asylum seekers to the Aztec country.