10 August, 2022

Three new deaths in Sweden by coronavirus

photo VD: Marlon Hernandez.
By Diego Recinos

Three other people died as a result of the coronavirus in Stockholm. All were elderly with underlying disease, authorities say. Total, five people have died in Stockholm County and one person in Vastra Gotaland.

Three more people have died in Sweden because of the coronavirus. “All three are older with underlying disease”, dice Helena Miller, press officer in the Stockholm region. Total, six people have died from the virus.

The three new deaths refer to patients in three hospitals: Danderyd, South Hospital y Karolinska a Huddinge. Everyone in the Stockholm region.

in Stockholm, currently there 90 places intensive care, which it is expected to increase to 140 places in one week. At the press conference yesterday, the National Board of Health and Welfare announced that may be relevant to open the old facilities of the hospital, but the lack of protective equipment and appropriate skills is even more serious.

Business closures

Several companies are urging staff to stay home. Between them, la oficina central de Ikea Älmhult, Ikea of ​​Sweden, It was closed after several employees showed flu-like symptoms. A company employee was found infected with coronavirus, but he was not in the office after that. The closure means 2 thousand employees will be sent home.

Shortly after the airline, SAS has ceased, about 10 thousand employees, as demand for air tickets to and from Scandinavia has “more or less disappeared”, CEO Richard Gustafson said.

Without closing the borders

Despite hundreds of people affected and the three deceased, Swedish Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, He announced today at a press conference that Sweden will not close its borders. “Not relevant closing the borders of the country”, says the prime minister and instead, He urged those who are sick to stay home and to wash their hands.

At the same time, He urged the public to stop panic and think of the elders of the country. “Food supply should, Of course, function. Thus, I think we should think, for example, there will be an affectation for the elderly. we probably think of each”, said Löfven.

Norway and Denmark, They have already closed their borders. further. Holland, schools will close from Monday. But nevertheless, Sweden, continues with a seemingly normal schedule. For only schools where students have been found infected with coronavirus they have been closed. In addition to other schools where they attend upper-class city.