three dead, 173 injuries and destruction in Cuba after passing tornado

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Cuba was hit Monday morning by a powerful tornado that left three people dead, more of 173 wounded, property damage and power outage in much of the island, authorities said.

Cuban President, Diaz-Canel Miguel confirmed the information in your account and tweet also said the most affected city was Havana.

“We are touring affected by the phenomenon of great intensity places. The damage is severe. Holds meeting the Council of Ministers of Cuba to assess affectations of rain and tornado in Havana”, He tweeted the president, hours after the tornado hit the island.

According to the official site Cubadebate, the material damage is enormous. But also, journalists who toured the streets of two neighborhoods in the main city, They reported that there is a lot of debris, as several old buildings and balconies yielded to the force of the winds.