31 January, 2023

Toronto proclaims 16 May as "Day newcomer"

Oscar Vigil

Toronto, Glen. Immigrant communities living in Toronto, the most multicultural and multiracial city in the world, They have a reason to celebrate his dwelling: Mayor John Tory announced the proclamation of 16 May every year as the "Day newcomer" in the city.

According to the latest data provided by Statistics Canada, more than half of Toronto's population is immigrant, whether they were born in any country around the world, They came to Canada and settled in this city; or who they were born in Canada but that their ancestors arrived as immigrants to the country.

The population census 2016 states that the 51.5% of all residents belong to visible minorities from virtually everyone, percentage in the 2011 It was from 49.1% and in 1981 of just 13.6%, which shows the dramatic demographic shift that has had the city in recent 40 years.

It is for this reason that the mayor of the city, John Tory, announced the proclamation of the day 16 May each year as the "Day newcomer", during the celebration for the fifth consecutive year the "Day in Toronto newcomer" that each year makes the city in coordination with about a hundred municipal institutions and community organizations.

This is practically a fair that is held in the front yard of the Municipality, which abounds in music, food and various ethnic activities, all they produced by newcomers to the country.

Similarly, community organizations, mainly those working in settlement programs for newcomers or providing services to immigrant communities, placed posts to provide various information to attendees.

This year were several thousand people who came to the event, It located in the heart of the city, to celebrate or for information on programs and events. A) Yes, It was common to see entire classes of English learners, Newcomers to the country, walking among dozens of shops of handicrafts from all over the world, ethnic food or information booths, as well as Canadian origin exploring the world in a city block.

At noon was space for musical performances and official speeches, the main course corresponding Mayor John Tory, who declared officially 16 May every year as the "Day newcomer" in Toronto.

In his speech, the mayor stressed that Toronto will continue to welcome all immigrants in general, and particularly also refugees and non-status people living in the city, because Toronto is a sanctuary city.

effectively, In February 2013 Toronto became the first "Sanctuary City" of Canada, a policy that was approved by the Municipal Council with the aim of favoring more 200 thousand undocumented immigrants residing in that year in the city and its surroundings.

Under this policy, Toronto every resident has access to all services offered by the city regardless of their immigration status, which is guaranteed to not ask the legal status in any of the units providing services.

Additionally, children of undocumented immigrants have the right to study, and neither the administrators of school boards or schools, nor teachers, They may deny admission to a school and they can not denounce any child or his family to the Department of Immigration. Immigration authorities can not reach any school and take a child to use this bait to catch their parents or to deport.

The policy known as "do not ask do not answer" and also includes services and city police, although not a perfect policy, Yes it has greatly helped coexistence in a city where spoken about 200 languages.

Loly Rico, Salvadoran origin, is the co-director of an organization working with refugees in the city, and during the act of celebration he took the stage after John Tory to speak on behalf of immigrant communities.

"Events like this are important for our community, especially at this time when it is important to recognize the diverse communities that have helped and are helping to create the identity as an inclusive city Toronto, cozy and vibrant. Because Toronto's identity is fluid and evolving all the time ", express.

Immediately afterwards he said "such events is excellent because it provides an opportunity for all organizations, newcomers, refugees and people with a precarious immigration status, to celebrate and feel proud to live in Toronto. This is an extraordinary city and it is important to remember our commitments as residents of Toronto to continue opening our doors to newcomers, sit beside, walk with them and show our wonderful city ", he said.

According to the census 2016, They are living in Toronto 2,731,571 people, of which, a little more of 200,000 They are of Latin American origin.