3 December, 2022

Tropical Storm Bonnie leaving Salvadoran territory, but it will continue to rain

Photo: US National Weather Service.

By Luis Alberto López

The Savior – For the remainder of this Sunday, the rains will continue, from light to moderate throughout the Salvadoran territory, tropical storm bonnie, it is already moving away from the country and will gradually stop influencing El Salvador's weather, Civil Protection authorities said today.

The remainder of the day will have light to moderate rains scattered on the coast of the country, with emphasis on the western area, without ruling out some of greater intensity; the same will be at night, but in the central and coastal strip.

Caution is advised to fishermen and carriers of small and medium-sized vessels due to rough seas, east-southeast winds 30 a 60 kilometers per hour (km / h).Waves from the east-southeast with a height of 2.13 Y 3.96 meters.

On the effects of the rainfall on Saturday night, Civil Protection authorities of El Salvador, reported the death of a woman 24 years that was dragged by the current in the colony of Santa María II, municipality of San Martín in the Salvadoran capital, due to the passage of tropical storm Bonnie.

The heavy rains of the last hours caused by the tropical storm caused floods in different parts of the country, a situation that affects other countries in the Central American region.

The precipitations derived from the atmospheric phenomenon left floods in streets and avenues of the country, See all posts in Ecuador, damage to some hospitals and homes which led to evacuations and rescues.

Several vehicles dragged by water currents, some rivers and streams burst their banks and small community bridges were demolished by the force of the rivers.

The towns most affected by the tropical storm were San Salvador, Tonacatepeque, Comasagua, Colon, Sensuntepeque and the port of La Libertad, among other.

The Civil Protection authorities maintain the stratified alert, yellow in the coastal zone and green in the rest of the Salvadoran territory.