Winter storm in Texas leaves water crisis, food, electric power and fuels

Power lines are completely covered in snow. photo VD: Ricardo Palacios.
By Maria T. Morales

U.S – The road to recovery is just beginning for millions of Texans struggling today to get water, the vital liquid that, Since last week it has been scarce due to the lash of the freezing storm that caused the distribution system of the vital liquid to collapse.

For four days, at least 77 Texas counties, Drinking water should be boiled before being consumed or used in order to avoid illness.

Food crisis in the state of Texas. photo VD: Carmen Figueroa.

Joe Biden, President of the United States, decreed a state of major emergency in Texas, which indicates that the state will receive immediate help in different areas, this includes millions of cases of bottled water that has begun to be distributed in hundreds of communities.

Likewise, there will be financial assistance for residents who suffered material damage or loss to their homes during the storm.

Food shortages in Texas. photo VD: Carmen Figueroa.

For it, The authorities urged those affected to visit the website of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA for its acronym in English), where you will find a form to apply for disaster assistance.

Likewise, Harris County, one of the largest nationally, It will open a fund for those people who were affected by the collapse of pipes and water leaks in their homes or apartments.

Food products sold out in supermarkets. photo VD: Carmen Figueroa.

Price increase abuses

But the crisis does not go there, this week, authorities began receiving calls about price increases for both water, combustible, food and other basic necessities.

In this situation, Lina Hidalgo, Harris County Administrator, urged the population to denounce these abuses since, according to her, they will not allow anyone to take advantage of the pain in the midst of the tragedy experienced by millions of Texans.

photo VD: Carmen Figueroa.

Until now, The authorities are also on the lookout for fuel prices that could increase in price due to the crisis due to the lack of production during the storm.

The population's concern is also focused on the possible increase in electrical energy; although for the moment, Center Point Energy, one of the largest distributors, you said receipts sent last week, with exorbitant figures it was only an error due to system failures, product of the emergency due to the crisis of the icy storm.

photo VD: Carmen Figueroa, Texas