Winter storm hits part of US.

photo VD: Olimpia Alvarez.
By Maria T. Morales

The National Meteorological Service warned of a great winter storm that causes extreme cold in several States of the American Union, during this weekend, and that could end until next Tuesday.

The winter weather that has already affected much of the nation since the middle of this week has left fatal chain accidents, like the one that happened on Wednesday in Texas, and that took the lives of six people and at least 36 more were hit.

The winter storm that affects some 50 million people across the country could cause school closings early next week.

Cold air with accumulation of water, water snow and snow, in at least 20 Nation states could also lead to flight cancellations.

Climate authorities warned of large accumulations of ice that could topple trees and utility poles as well as communication towers, so they warn about the danger of traveling in vehicles.

Especially, "Black ice is a mortal danger when driving" since not being visible on the roads could cause fatal accidents.

Black ice forms when roads are slippery from rain and temperatures drop below freezing overnight.