We are all suspects ... until the COVID-19 test says otherwise

By Maria T. Morales

Houston, Texas. It seems that we have reached levels of mistrust where it does not matter if it is just a simple sneeze, around the time of allergies, a brief cough due to contamination or if a trash was inserted into your eyes, and these became tearful.

The truth is that in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone, absolutely all, we are suspected of being carriers, why, despite no signs of this fatal disease, sneezing or coughing has become a threat that endangers the health and lives of others.

Take maximum care of health, in times of coronavirus it is not easy. It is not easy to hold a sneeze either, coughing or hiding watery eyes.

Slowly, it becomes easier to affect social relationships, work and family; day by day, these depend on a sneeze or cough.

No way, on the use of the mask that has become a double-edged sword. It's used, it is possible that they call it exaggerated, loco, Without a job, delicate, and even a hypochondriac.

If you don't use it, he is an inconsiderate being, disrespectful, loco, out of love for life, and even abusive who attempts against the lives of others.

I fall short of many qualifiers coming from both sides as if this were a boxing show.

Arguments after arguments, reality leads us to the same path: we are all highly suspect until the COVID-19 test says otherwise.

While rulers fight each other, in sight, for the "cherry on the electoral cake", I, here, under the turbulent world situation due to COVID-19, I am free to decide to protect myself, Y, instead of trying to respect and, distance myself six feet from who does not. Respect deserves respect.