Everything ready for inauguration Najib Bukele in the historic center of San Salvador

By Yaneth Estrada

At 11:00 of Wednesday morning began the final dress rehearsal ahead of the inauguration of President-elect of El Salvador in the Plaza Najib Bukele Captain General Gerardo Barrios de San Salvador, next Saturday.

Among the organizers and participants of the event were Eduardo Calix; Director General of Protocol of the Legislature, Jorge Merino, Bukele team, Ernesto Sanabria communications, Mario Romero Piche; event producer and Aida Mancía, emcee of the Presidency of the Republic.

As well, official delegations were installed, members of the Presidential Battalion, Regimental Band of the Armed Forces, cameras, cranes, five giant screens, drones, lights, Audio and national press from outside monitored every detail testing. Likewise, there were pealing of bells and threw shots in the air.

For the start of official act, scheduled for 9:00 in the morning, It began with the proclamation of "make history", campaign phrase president-elect, then read the program, I had to restart due to a failure audio.

It is expected that between 10:00 Y 10:10 Morning take protest President number 46 of the Republic of El Salvador at the hands of Norman Quijano, President of the Legislative Assembly, who will step to the first official speech Bukele. To conclude with thanksgiving by the Argentine Pastor Dante Gebel.