Everything ready for Surf City El Salvador ALAS Pro

For this event, that is part of the ALAS Pro Tour, it's a continental competition (Photo: Courtesy INDES)

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The Savior – The waves of Punta Roca, one of the most perfect in the world, from Thursday they will be the stage of Surf City El Salvador ALAS Pro, which will culminate on Sunday.

For this event, that is part of the ALAS Pro Tour, It is a continental competition to which Lucía Induráin and Nacho Gundensen have confirmed their presence, from Argentina, and the Peruvian Miguel Tudela.

Induráin is in the post 11 of the world, has been the first substitute of several Olympic competitions, finalist in the last two WINGS and recently won the Latin Surf Festival, in Guatemala; Gundensen claimed the ISA junior world title in Japan in 2017, and Tudela leads Peru's next generation of talented surfers.

“For ALAS it is always an honor to be received by Surf City El Salvador and its people.. This event is one of the most anticipated by surfers competing in the ALAS Pro Tour, for all that El Salvador offers and its excellent waves ", expressed Karin Sierralta, President of ALAS Pro after the award of the headquarters of this for our country.

This will be an event 6 Prime Stars, more than $40,000 dollars in prizes and points for the ALAS Ranking.

Previously, Sierralta thanked “the Government of President Nayib Bukele for continuing its commitment to the development of surfing on the continent and closing the ALAS continental circuit in the waves of El Salvador., becoming a classic event and one of the most anticipated by the athletes of the Americas ".

The competition will be open to the men's open categories, open women, junior (sub-18) and longboard, offering prizes to the winners of the open men and open women categories.

The opening, which will start at 8:00 a.m., It will begin with the formal acts headed by the main authorities of the Ministry of Tourism, of the National Institute of Sports of El Salvador (INDES) and from WINGS, and other sponsors.

Later a symbolic parade of flags will take place, which will be carried by representatives of the participating countries and the taking of official photograph with the line of honor, to then give way to the start of the competitions.

This is the fourth consecutive time that El Salvador has hosted the closing of the ALAS Pro Tour circuit, which will gather approximately 150 registered competitors of 15 countries: Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, U.S, Canada and El Salvador.

Among the countries with the largest number of participants are Costa Rica, with 28; The Savior 20; Panama 11, Chile and Nicaragua with 10.

Salvadoran participants

Open masculino: Bryan Pérez, Porfirio miranda, Samuel Arenívar, Manuel Rivas, Erickson Ortiz.

Open femenino: Julissa Castillo, Star Castro, Fabiola Salmeron.

Junior sub-18: Marvin Rodriguez, Alejandro Martinez, Franklin Martínez, German González, Emerson Martinez, Carlos Herrera, Axel Eduardo, Edgar escobar, Jason molina, Brandon Mendoza.

Longboard: Amade de Jesús Alvarado and Gerardo Castro.