All with Voice brings together Latina Deputies to speak on political violence against women

There are cases of political violence against women in Latin America and in most countries the typification of “political violence” is not contemplated in the current legislation.

The organization All with Voice held the International Forum "Political Violence against women", with the participation of deputies from Mexico, Panama and Venezuela. "All With Voice aims to make visible, empower and raise awareness about political rights, economic and information policy for women in Latin America ”, Khadine Sanhueza pointed out, Co-Founder of the organization and Consultant in strategic communication.

"The Forum fulfilled the objective of affirming the existence of violence against women in politics, from the beginning of their applications, commented that there have been differences compared to men running for the same popularly elected positions. On the other hand, the dissertation on the laws in force in various countries that seek to protect the rights of women politicians was expanded, their application, as well as the general context of the reality experienced by those who hold public or decision-making positions in an environment where their political and electoral rights are undermined ”, commented Paola Molina, Co-Founder of All with Voice and Venezuelan Political Consultant.

Panama had the representation of the Honorable Deputy, Kayra Harding, who stated that there is violence against women politicians and that in his country the laws do not criminalize gender-based violence as a crime. What represents a job opportunity for the National Assembly of Panama where women are disadvantaged, there is 14 women deputies and 57 mens.

Meanwhile, the Honorable Venezuelan Deputy, Liz Carolina Jaramillo, He stated that the particular situation of women politicians in the country is serious, where permanently from the State itself the fundamental rights of those who participate in politics are violated and they do not have institutions that punish the crimes that are committed against them.

Mexico was represented by the Honorable Deputies, Lucero Saldaña, Mariana Dunyaska, Julieta Mejía and Sonia Rocha, who from the Congress of the Union and the local congresses have become active referents of that country. In the year 2012 The first initiative to typify political violence on the basis of gender was presented, but it is up to this 2020 when the criminalization of this crime is achieved in Mexico with the reform of eight laws that administratively sanction or jail those who violate the rights established in the legal framework, canceling the election is also contemplated, cancel a registration or repeat an election proving that this type of crime occurred.

All Forum participants, They pointed out that cases of violence increase the moment they present themselves as candidates for popularly elected positions., when they have already been elected, make allegations of corruption or demanding transparency and immediately become the focus of personal attacks, that have even resulted in attacks on social networks and threats against family members.

Milagro Vallecillos, Salvadoran journalist, Co-Founder of All with Voice, reaffirmed the organization's commitment to create spaces for discussion and enrichment that promote and encourage the participation of more women in politics, in search of equity and equality.

"It is crucial to know best practices carried out by Latin American countries, their governments, institutions, political parties, NGOs and companies to allow us to establish alliances that promote learning, to achieve change and move towards gender equality in the region ”, Khadine Sanhueza stated.

The speakers of this Forum agree that there is no need to normalize any form of violence against women and that the best fruits to advance in this matter, they are achieved with a coordinated and united work between political parties, civil society and organized women, sharing and defending a common cause, only then will we have stronger democracies and a change in the way of doing politics where the 50% of the population is represented.

About All with Voice

Movement that seeks to make visible, empower and raise awareness about political rights, economic and information issues for women in Latin America, working hand in hand with governments, institutions, political parties, NGOs and companies, to achieve a change that allows progress towards gender equality in the region. We are a group of women specialists in communication with a gender perspective with experience in political campaigns, media management, marketing, social media, public relations, Likewise, We have collaborated in projects to strengthen women's leadership in Latin America. We provide services with a gender perspective, Integral Communication Consulting, Evaluation of Social Programs with Perspective, Training and Education Programs, Diagnoses on Equity and Parity, and Information Campaigns, Raising awareness and promoting rights.

Societies must accompany these efforts and demand that a solid legal framework be established that makes political violence against women visible, challenge in which countries like Mexico have made considerable progress.